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Here's how PBM works to help energize your body so it can do its job better.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of our cells. It fuels the functioning of our organs. But, over time the mitochondria doesn’t run at optimal levels and this is when we get aches, pains, inflammation, poor skin, immune deficiencies and other health issues.

Just like food, ‘light’ provides various nutrients to the body. Near Infrared, non invasive and non heating of tissue ‘light’ called PhotoBioModulation, reaches deep into our cells causing the mitochondria to produce a biochemical reaction which helps use oxygen more efficiently to produce ATP.

ATP is the vehicle that transports energy throughout the body making our cells stronger to fight inflammation and pain and increases collagen production for healthier, younger looking skin.

The formula for the most effective PhotoBioModulation Treatment is:

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Although the effects of PhotoBioModulation treatments can seem miraculous at times, it's not magic... it's science.

The many positive outcomes of PhotoBioModulation treatments have been well documented during 50 years of research. More than 3,500 research studies on PhotoBioModulation have been published.

It's Not Magic... it's Science

What makes the best formula for the most effective PhotoBioModulation Treatment? (hover or tap for more detail)

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Note: Views expressed are those of actual LightCare RX patients. Results may vary.

What LightCareRx PBM Red Light Therapy Can Do... FOR YOU

What LightCareRx PBM Red Light Therapy Can Do...

Next Generation PBM Red Light Therapy: LightCareRx

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Photo of youn man relaxing on yoga mat
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Harnessing the healing power of Next Generation PBM Red Light Therapy
to help you feel younger... as you grow older


It's not magic... it's Science


About LifeCare Connects

Our Purpose: LifeCare Connects is a Health & Wellness Company devoted to making well proven, non-invasive energized light therapy more widely available across North America.

Our Mission: is to make PhotoBioModulation easily accessible to everyone. Bringing well researched, hospital grade, natural light technologies to every health, wellness and medical facility in North America.

Our Vision: is to see the broad spectrum use of PhotoBioModulation therapy in treatment of diverse conditions including, amongst others; pain management, wound healing and Esthetics.

Most Often Asked

Most Often Asked

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* Personal results may vary

500 Watts

The most powerful of its kind in the world

10 Wavelengths

No other PBM system has more

RX-1 124 Square Inches
300 Square Inches
800 Square Inches
Full Body Coverage *

* Largest body coverage in the world

50 Joules

Joules are an expression of energy

• Build Leadership Perception
• Offering modern / up-to-date treatment options

Enhance Your Reputation

• Offer Add-On Treatment Option
• Increases One-Stop Experience
• Builds Stronger Relationship
• Repeat Visits (1-3 times weekly)

Build Stronger Relationships

• Add New Patient Sector
• Repeat Visits (1-3 times weekly)
• Opportunity To Cross-sell Other Treatments

Build Broader Patient Base

• Easy Two Button Operation | Easy Training
• No Additional Staff Needed
• Reliable / Predictable Scheduling
• Attend To 1 Patient While Another Receives LightCareRx Treatment

Allocate Staff Efficiently

• More Therapy Options For Patients
• Complements Other Modalities
• Extends Treatment Range
• Treats Multiple Conditions

• Increasing Media Coverage
• Public Awareness Is Exploding
• Expected To Be
50 Billion USD Business By 2025 (Forbes)

Fastest Growing Wellness Sector

• Latest PhotoBioModulation Technology
• No Touch Treatment
• Satisfy Demand For Non-Invasive, Non-Pharmacuetical

Fastest Growing Wellness Sector

Golfers & Tennis Elbow
Neuropathic Pain
Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain
Carpal Tunnel Pain
Degenerative Joint Disease
Back & Neck Pain
Skin Tightening
Hair Growth (men)
PRP Enhancement
Improved Circulation
Wound Healing
Added Collagen Production
Reduced Inflamation

Treatment for a broad range of conditions in one place

Added Value: Clients benefit from PGM Red Light Therapy in multiple ways in one session

Treatment for one condition benefit others eg., treatment for pain deduction will also aid sleep, improve energy and so on.

Enhanced Client Value

Deep Penetration
No Discomfort
No Touch
Pain Reduction

Demand For New Options

When Pharmaceuticals are not well tolerated

When Non-Pharmaceutical Solutions Are Preferred

When Pharmaceuticals Are Contra-Indicated

Over 50 Years of research
500 Clinical Trials
4,000 Laboratory Studies
30 New Research Papers (Monthly Average)

Growing Body Of Support

Enhances Patient Experience with a range of other modalities

Massage / Acupuncture / Chiropractic etc.

Patient Reported Enhancements